Microblading Course

The latest fad in the makeup world is the focus on eyebrows. With the makeup industry quickly rising and becoming more and more popular, people have become less satisfied with their natural eyebrows. While simple makeup fixes such as pencils and pomades can temporarily fix this issue, people still desire a way to achieve an ideal eyebrow that won’t have to be applied daily. Microblading is the answer. This technique is a simpler and less invasive form of tattooing where pigment is implemented under the skin in the form of small hair strokes. This gives the effect of actual eyebrow hairs. The results of microblading can last up to three years with proper touch ups every six months to a year. Because upkeep is minimal and no daily makeup is required, microblading is a highly demanded procedure. With this workshop, you will learn to master this technique in order to give your patients the eyebrow shape and fullness they’ve always dreamed of!

This Continuing Education Course is not under the purview of the Commission of Independent Education.

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