Out of State Students

We provide a two week Continuing Education training program in electrology for persons from select States.

The primary objective of electrology is to help people improve their physical appearance and self-esteem through the permanent removal of unwanted hair. Thousands of women, men, and teens suffer emotional trauma from superfluous hair growth and feel unattractive and self-conscious. The negative self-image and lack of confidence may become problematic in both the workplace and in social settings. We can provide you with the training needed to be confident in providing permanent hair removal services in your area. Electrolysis is still the only true permanent hair removal method and the only permanent treatment recognized by the FDA. Electrolysis eliminates any hair regardless of color and treats all skin types. A century of use has proven electrolysis safe with no negative side effects. No other hair removal method can claim such universal success.

The NACCAS 2007 Job Demand Survey reported the average salary for an employed electrologist on staff in the USA was $37,522 – $40,524 exclusive of tips. Earnings may vary if you are part time and of course depending on your market area. Owning your own practice could help you increase that potential income potential as well. For a minimal investment (less than $10,000 in many cases reports the American Electrology Association) you can become the owner of your own practice.

Contact us today for a training program tailored to your needs, you can be trained at our facility in as little as two weeks at a very reasonable cost. We can assist in finding accommodations during your stay here in beautiful South West Florida.

Currently, the following States have no licensure requirements and residents from these are eligible for the two week continuing education program: Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Kentucky, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, New York, South Carolina, Pennsylvania, Puerto Rico, Texas, U.S.Virgin Islands, Virginia, Washington, Wyoming. Please, if you are from these States verify with that State’s controlling Agency that licensure is not required; rules and regulations are constantly changing.