Who we are

Gulf Coast Academy is located in the beautiful community of Lee County, Florida. The school was established to teach Esthetics and all methods of permanent hair removal. You will be taught the three modalities of electrolysis: Thermolysis, Galvanic, and the Blend. Over the years as our course programs and school has grown, we have a 30-hour Laser Technician Course approved by The Florida Electrology Council, as well as a Facial Specialist course. We also offer advanced training courses to ensure you have experience and training for today’s fast growing Esthetics practices.

We have a clinical area for patients and the practical training of students. There is also a conference room for studying and lectures.


Gulf Coast Academy is located at 860 111th Avenue North, Suite 7 & 8, Naples, FL 34108. We are close to many restaurants, shopping, and beautiful Florida Beaches.

Licensed and Approved

Gulf Coast Academy is licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education and has been approved by The Florida Electrology Council.

Electrolysis is licensed by The Florida Department of Health through the Medical Board and the Electrology Advisory Council. A state board exam must be passed in order to become licensed.